With the rapid economic growth and the eased policy for foreign labor workforce, Vietnam has been becoming an ideal destination for work. So why should you move to Vietnam for work? What are job opportunities in Vietnam? Do foreigners need any document for legally working here? Let’s find out the answers in the post below.

1. Why Should You Move to Vietnam for Work?

Vietnam is now witnessing more and more foreigners coming for work, so what are the reasons?

  • Vietnamese food is amazing: you can’t believe it but it’s true. Many people firstly come for tourism, but then they come back for work and stay longer in the country just because the cuisine is outstanding. If you are an eating-lover, then congratulations! Vietnam is definitely your heaven!
  • Reasonable cost of living: the salary for high-educated foreign workforce is much considerable while the cost of living in Vietnam is affordable, or even cheaper than you think. So with just $1,000 – $2,000 you are pretty sure to enjoy a happy and comfortable life here.
  • Language: although Vietnamese is the local language, you can still use English, French, Chinese in the big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, or other smaller provinces like Nha Trang, Hai Phong, etc. so please have no worry of mis-understanding or have difficulty communicating.
  • Traveling around the country: besides food, traveling is also one top reason foreigners choose to move to Vietnam. With the bestow from nature, Vietnam is an exciting stop for everyone with a wide range of landscapes from the North to the South, from craggy mountains, hills, to long beaches, highlands waiting for you to seek for.
  • Expats community: foreigners don’t feel lonely in a strange country as their community is all over the country. You can search it online and it gives hundreds of helpful groups for you to join. Don’t worry, you will find your countryman everywhere in Vietnam.

2. Job Opportunities in Vietnam

There are lots of jobs suitable for foreigners in Vietnam, but here is the list of common jobs expats usually do when in Vietnam:

  • Teaching English at foreign language center;
  • Copywriters;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Freelancers;
  • Joining volunteering campaigns, NGOs projects;
  • Tour guide/ reviewers, etc.

In addition, tools for finding an appropriate job are also available here:

  • Vietnamworks;
  • CareerBuilder;
  • Mywork;
  • Vieclam24h;
  • Timviecnhanh;
  • Careerlink;

3. Legal Document for Working in Vietnam

To legally work in the country, foreigners are required to have a valid, legitimate work permit which allows them to work in a certain period of time. The work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Society with the validity up to 2 years, and can be extended.

Please be noted that foreigners can’t submit an application for a Vietnam work permit by themselves but via a guarantor in Vietnam, or via the company/ enterprise/ organization they are working for.

You can check out for full details about Vietnam work permit here.