If your Vietnam visa is about to expire when you still want to stay longer in the country, what should you do? There are some common ways for expats to prolong their stay like Vietnam visa extension, Vietnam visa renewal, but there is one method which is preferable by majority of foreigners called visa run. What is Vietnam visa run? How to get it? Let’s check out!

1. What is Vietnam Visa Run?

Vietnam visa run is simply understood as an action of leaving Vietnam to one of neighboring countries like Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and China, and then entering Vietnam again with a new Vietnam visa stamp. The reasons Vietnam visa run is chosen by most expats can be explained as below:

  • Affordable cost: taking a flight/ bus to the neighboring countries can be much cheaper than extending a visa sometimes, especially when you can hunt for cheap tickets;
  • Wide range of visa: types of visa run will have no relations with your old/ current Vietnam visa, so you will have variety options for your new Vietnam visa like 1 month, 3 months, single or multiple entry;
  • Opportunity of traveling: doing a visa run means you will have to exit Vietnam to another country, so it means that you will have choices to visit that place as long as you have time and can cover the costs;
  • Various ports of entry: Vietnam visa run can be used for entry at both airports, and land ports so expats will have much more options which is suitable for yourself;

2. How to Do Vietnam Visa Run?

2.1. Required documents for Vietnam visa run

Please well prepare the following papers for doing Vietnam visa run:

  • Original passport (at least 6 months in validity and 2 blank pages);
  • Air/ bus tickets;
  • Vietnam visa approval letter (original if you enter via land port, or printed one if you enter via airport);
  • Stamping fee (in cash, USD preferred, 25USD for single entry, 50USD for multiple entries);
  • Vietnamese visa application form (widely known as Vietnam entry and exit form);
  • 02 passport-size photos (white background, front view, both ears visible, newly taken);

2.2. Notes when doing Vietnam visa run

The most important document when doing a Vietnam visa run is the approval letter which can be obtained via an agency only. So for more information regarding this Vietnam visa approval letter, please contact Vietnam-visa.com at +84. 946.583.583 (24/7) The approval letter for visa run via airport and land border will show all related information including:

  • Number of the letter;
  • Name of applicant;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Passport number;
  • Time and number of entry to Vietnam;
  • Port of entry;

However, there are some differences between doing Vietnam visa run via airport and land port as below:

  • If you enter Vietnam via the land border, the approval letter must be in original with a red stamp and signature.
  • If you enter Vietnam via airport, the port of entry can be changed. It means that you can switch among international airports for your best convenience to get visa stamped. On the other hand, the port of entry in the approval letter for visa run via land border is fixed and you have to enter the right port written in the letter.

3. How Much Vietnam Visa Run Costs

If you choose to do Vietnam visa run, here is the list of expenses you have to cover:

  • Flight tickets/ bus fares;
  • Vietnam visa approval letter (it depends on the service provider and the processing time you demand for);
  • Stamping fee;
  • Visa fees to neighboring countries (if you are not exempted from their visa);

It can be much cheaper to do a Vietnam visa run than extending the visa in some cases. But is it reminded that expats now can’t get visa stamped at any entry point of Vietnam due to the outbreak of Covid19, so please keep updated with us for more details or to apply for a Vietnam visa extension if you want to stay more in Vietnam. Hope this post provides you an overview of Vietnam visa run. Hopefully, all your visa runs, from the very first ones, are easy and smooth.

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