Many foreigners think that they can stay in Vietnam for work with a business visa, but please be reminded that you can be subjected to a fine or another penalty for it. If you are going to work for a company/ organization here in Vietnam, a work permit is a must. Let’s find out the requirements and how to get a Vietnam work permit via the update post below.

1. Why Foreign Workers in Vietnam Need a Work Permit

A Vietnam work permit is simply understood as a certificate issued by the Vietnam Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Society, allowing foreigners to legally work in Vietnam for a certain period of time.

Foreigners can be expelled from Vietnam if they are working in the country without a valid work permit. The employers using those workers are also subject to a fine of up to VND 75,000,000.

The certificate clearly shows the time (year/ month/ day) the expats can stay in Vietnam for working purposes, maximum up to 2 years and can be extended.

Please be noted that foreigners can’t apply for a Vietnam work permit themselves but have to via a Vietnamese agency, or via a guarantor such as the company/ organization where they are working for.

2. Vietnam Work Permit Requirements

To be eligible for applying for a Vietnam work permit, applicants are required to satisfy the very first conditions as below:

  • Over 18 years old (working age in accordance with Vietnamese Labor Law);
  • Be in a good health condition that meets the specific demands and requirements of the job;
  • Free of a criminal record in their country or a national security offense, not currently facing criminal prosecution, or not serving a criminal sentence by the Vietnamese and foreign policemen during the assignment.
  • Have a high degree, experience, and qualification of specialized knowledge, technology, business, management, and other professions that Vietnamese labor sources are currently unable to perform efficiently.

3. How to Get Vietnam Work Permit

As it said before the applicants can’t submit the papers by themselves but via a guarantor in Vietnam. However, the documents require both employers and employees, so make sure to get them well prepared.

The process to get a work permit for Vietnam requires 02 steps:

Step 1: Applying for approval for using foreign workers at the Provincial People’s Committee with required documents of:

  • Registration form for demand on using foreign workers (Form No. 01 under the Circular No. 18/2018/TT-BLĐTBXH)
  • Certified copy of business registration.

Step 2: Apply for a work permit at the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs with the required documents of:

  • Request form for Vietnam work permit;
  • Original certificate of health check;
  • Criminal records (issued within 180 days). If applicants have been staying in Vietnam for more than 6 months, both Vietnamese criminal records & the criminal record from their home countries are requested;
  • Certified copy of passport;
  • 02 4*6cm (passport-sized) photos;
  • Legalized copy of highest certificate/degree;
  • Working experience confirmation from former employers in foreign countries;
  • Approval for using foreign workers;
  • Certified copy of business registration;

4. Vietnam Work Permit Processing Time

When all the documents are ready, the Vietnamese company/ organization where the foreigners are going to work for will bring them to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Society or Provincial People’s Committee for submission. If there is no problem, the application will be processed within 20 working days.

Therefore it is highly recommended that applicants submit their documents at least 30 days before the expiry date of their old work permit or before the date they start working in Vietnam.

5. Vietnam Work Permit Fees

The cost of getting a Vietnam work permit depends much on your case and the office/ authority where you are applying for, so make sure to contact them directly for more details of both required papers and fees.

Obtaining a Vietnam work permit doesn’t only help you to work legally in Vietnam, but also give you a chance to get a temporary residence card or working visa in Vietnam, so don’t miss it.