There are 3 major carriers in Kuwait: Zain, Ooredoo and Viva. Each network has different types of SIMs with different denominations. Below is the list of Kuwait SIM card names shared by In addition, the article also provides information on how to buy a SIM, what type of SIM is best and where to buy it.

1. Choosing a network provider for your Kuwait SIM card

Kuwait has three main mobile operators: Zain, Ooredoo, and Viva. Each network has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider based on your usage needs:

Kuwait SIM Card Guide: Best SIM Cards for Travelers (2024)

Zain: This is the largest network in Kuwait, with wide coverage and stable network speed, especially for its 4G/LTE network. Zain offers a variety of diverse packages suitable for calling, texting, and internet access needs.

Ooredoo: This is an international network with good service quality and competitive prices. Ooredoo focuses on high-speed data packages, suitable for users who regularly access the internet and watch online videos.

Viva: This is the smallest network, but it is developing rapidly. Viva attracts customers with cheap packages and many attractive promotions. However, Viva’s coverage is more limited than Zain and Ooredoo.

2. Popular packages

Most networks around the world, including those in Kuwait offer two popular plan types: prepaid and postpaid.
Prepaid package: For tourists whose stay is usually short (about 5, 10, 15 days), the prepaid package is the first and most suitable choice. These travel SIM cards require no complicated registration or binding contracts.

Postpaid package: Suitable for people living and working long term in Kuwait. Postpaid packages often have cheaper rates and more attractive incentives, but the registration procedures are more complicated.

When choosing a package, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Length of stay: If you are only traveling for a short time, you should choose a daily or weekly package.

Usage needs: Determine whether your main usage needs are calling, texting or accessing the internet to choose the appropriate package.

Budget: Compare prices and promotions of packages from different carriers to choose the package that fits your budget.

3. Where to buy a SIM card?

You can buy a Kuwait SIM card at the following locations:

3.1. Kuwait International Airport

You can easily buy SIM cards at Kuwait International Airport, which is also the place where tourists have many choices. Almost every network offers SIM cards at the airport; you just need to find those SIM card stalls.

3.2. Network stores

Almost every network has a system of stores and SIM card stalls across the country. To find the nearest store or SIM card stall, you can search Google Maps or ask the local people directly.

3.3. Convenience stores and supermarkets

Many convenience stores and supermarkets sell SIM cards. However, these convenience stores usually only sell prepaid SIM cards at fixed prices. Therefore, buying a SIM card at convenience stores or supermarkets is very suitable for tourists.

SIM card registration procedure

Present your passport or a valid identity card.
Fill in the registration form as instructed by the staff.
Take a portrait photo (for postpaid SIM cards).

4. How much does a SIM card cost?

You can get a Kuwaiti SIM card from Zain, Ooredoo, and STC stores. You can also get a SIM card at the international airport (the easiest and simplest place to buy one). However, buying a SIM card at the international airport will be more expensive than other methods.

You can expect to pay the following prices for Kuwaiti SIM cards:

Zain Kuwait: 6 KWD
Ooredoo Kuwait: 5 KWD (regular), 7 KWD (regular & data-only), 55 KWD (data-only), and 85 KWD (regular)
STC Kuwait (formerly VIVA Kuwait): 5 KWD (regular) and 7 KWD (data-only)

Souce: Kuwait SIM Card Guide: Best SIM Cards for Travelers (2024)

Above is information about Kuwait SIM cards, such as the best SIM card provider, where to buy one, available packages, and their accompanying prices. All of this information is fully shared in detail in the article.”